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October 31st, 2003

01:10 am
Dr. Cloisterman left for the airport the next morning. The conversation with Vanika still troubling him, it was not a restful sleep.
Vanika was one of his closest friends, and the only talking dog he knew, and the thought of any harm befalling her as a result of the sauerkraut monster greatly troubled him. His mind was filled with images of a german shepherd being devoured by a huge mass of sauerkraut, and the sound of Vanika screaming.

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October 20th, 2003

09:00 pm
A monster made entirely out of sauerkraut? Dr. Cloisterman remembered his now painful hunger he had been neglecting while working on his creation.
"I'll have to think about it, Vanika. I will call you back within the hour." He spoke curtly, and hung up, without waiting for her acknowledgment.
"Not working on anything important, bah!" he mumbled to himself as he scuttled back to the table. The desperation of Siberia was not going to keep him from his work for more than a few minutes. "Someday that bitch will learn I simply do not have the compassion for humanity..." Cloisterman wanted a sandwich. Now that could keep him from his work for a few minutes a longer.

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October 19th, 2003

03:57 pm
"Hello?" Dr. Cloisterman said, grabbing the receiver just before the answering machine picked up.
"Doctor! It is I, Vanika Vandervelde! There's been a horrible calamity in the Northernmost parts of Siberia! A giant monster has been terrorizing villages, ransaking all the homes and attempting to suck the faces off of all the women between the ages of 18-45."
The doctor tapped his foot, not entirely concerned about Siberian monsters, especially when the news came to him from his brother's cousin's uncles' former roommate.
"And you're telling me this... why?"
"Well, you're the only scientist not working on something terribly i portant at the moment. And Dr. Lipinski won't answer the phone now that he's gotten caller ID. Besides, no one but you would be able to stop a monster made entirely out of sauerkraut."

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October 14th, 2003

09:10 pm
But when the power came back on and all the lights suddenly filled the room, it startled Dr. Cloisterman, and he knocked his utensil tray to the floor. "Shoot, now I have to sterilize those again," he exclaimed in consternation. "It seems like everything is conspiring against the completion of my creation!"
Just then, the telephone rang in the next room. Someone must have been trying to get through during the power outage. Trying to get through to the good doctor with a message of the utmost importance.

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08:34 pm
It was a dark and stormy night. Few lights were on in the cavernous hall, save the light of a single candle that cast dancing shadows on the walls at the ends of the room.
The doctor stood hunched over a table at the center of the hall, not disturbed by the darkness or the storm. He was occupied, and such distractions were to be ignored.

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